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November 2010, The Journal of Commerce
Pricing for Profitability

November 2010, The Journal of Commerce
Balancing the Scales

September 2010, The Journal of Commerce
Parcel vs. LTL

August 2010, The Journal of Commerce
Service at a Premium

April 2010, The Journal of Commerce
Trucking by the Margins

March 2010, The Journal of Commerce
LTL is Half Full or Half Empty

February 2010, The Journal of Commerce
Time for a Parcel Merger


December 2009, American Shipper + Shippers' NewsWire
Commentary: Don't Bet on High LTL Rates Despite YRC Troubles

Fall 2009, Messenger Courier World
Drilling Down Demand: Opportunities for Same Day Growth

July 2009, The Journal of Commerce
Clarifying Labor: RLA Should Be TLA

March-April 2009, Cargo Trends
Turbulence in US Air Cargo Market

March 2009, The Journal of Commerce
Carriers' Balancing Act: Managing Capacity for Profitability as Demand Declines

February 2009, Transport Topics
Clearing Those Blurred Parcel/LTL Lines


November 2008, Traffic World
The Case for Rate Increases

October 2008, Traffic World
How the iPod is Killing Airfreight

May 2008, Traffic World
The LTL Industry's $1 Billion Solution

April 2008, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Private Sector: Excess Baggage

April 2008, Traffic World
To Save Airlines Surcharge the Skies

Winter 2008, Messenger Courier World
When "Next Day" is Not Good Enough


November 2007, Traffic World
Shippers Will Pay for Cargo Screening

July 2007, Transport Topics
Opinion: How Recent STB Rulings Benefit LTLs


December 2006, World Trade
US Imports - Implications on Transportation/Drayage Industry

December 2006, Traffic World
2007 - The Year of UPS

November 2006, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Fewer Airlines, the Better

June 2006, Transport Topics
FedEx's Great Timing on Watkins Deal

May 2006, Traffic World
PFT Provides UPS a $1 Billion Payback


December 2005, Transport Topics
Opinion: LTL Sharing Best Practices


November 2004, Transport Topics
Opinion: Old LTL Labels Have Withered

October 2004, Traffic World
It's Not the Economy!

February 2004, Traffic World
Consider Kinko's Footprint


Spring 2003
Transforming Postal Parcel Services

April 2003, Traffic World
New Competition for USPS


October 2001, Traffic World
Putting Service Before Savings

May 2001, American Shipper
Deutsche Post to Spin-off Its German Parcel Business

April 2001, American Shipper
UPS's MailBoxes Etc. Buy will Deliver Results

March 2001, Traffic World
Parcel Industry in High Gear

March 2001, American Shipper
UPS Rate Change: Watch for Accessorial Charges

February 2001, Air Cargo World
E-Commerce: Misconceptions Go Online

February 2001, American Shipper
DHL Wants to Change U.S. Express Market


December 2000, The Economic Times
Home Street Home

November/December 2000, Parcel Shipping & Distribution
The "Other" Parcel Carriers - Expeditors Give Shippers a Choice

April 2000, Transport Topics
Defining Premium LTL Service

March 2000, Air Cargo World (feature story)
The E-Commerce Promise

January 2000, Traffic World
Guarantee It (UPS Residential Delivery)

January 2000, Forbes
The Battle of the Vans


July 1999, Parcel Shipping & Distribution
Working the Globe - Options and Costs for Parcel Shipping

March 1999, Air Cargo World
Delivering E-Commerce

February 1999, Traffic World
E-commerce's Mixed Blessings

January 1999, Traffic World
LTL Pricing Hurts Industry

Prior to 1999

May/June 1998, Parcel Shipping & Distribution
You Should Seek Regional Alternatives

November 1998, Traffic World
Missed Opportunity?

October 1997, Traffic World
After the UPS Strike, a New Competitive Landscape

January 1997, Traffic World
Transforming Parcel Industry at the Speed of Business

July 1996, Transport Topics
LTL-Parcel Competition Puts Pressure on LTL Pricing

February 1996, Traffic World
Parcel Carriers Should Link Zone-based Pricing to Established Service Standards

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