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SJ Consulting Group focuses on providing strategy, marketing, pricing, merger and acquisition, and operational advice to businesses within the transportation and logistics industries. We have amassed extensive industry expertise through decades of hands-on experience implementing successful business strategies for large and small transportation and logistics companies around the world.

Industry Analysis and Benchmarking

  • Industry trends and opportunities
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Extensive database on various functional areas

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Analysis of marketplace for selection of suitable partners.
  • Due diligence for strategic, operational, labor and technological compatibility.
  • Assist in negotiations to ensure closure while maximizing shareholder value.

Business and Marketing Strategy

  • Identification of new market niches
  • Core competency analysis
  • Risk/reward analysis of new market segment entry
  • Development of new products and services

Pricing and Yield Management Strategies

  • Benchmarking industry pricing and trends
  • Bundled pricing concepts and application to specific situation
  • Pricing for market penetration and yield enhancement

Alliances and Partnerships

  • Identify alternatives for alliances
  • Introduce key executives to potential partners

Operations Planning and Productivity Methods

  • Process optimization for improved productivity
  • Cost/benefit analysis of alternative delivery options
  • Utilization of Independent Contractor and Driver Owner concepts

Sales Strategies and Training

  • Tactical approaches to enhance effectiveness of sales efforts
  • Training in market dynamics and competitive market position
  • Compensation plans for achievement of sales targets for specific products.
  • Keynote presentations at management and sales meetings

Business Function Assistance

  • Customer survey preparation and analysis
  • White paper preparation
  • RFP preparation and research

Industry Reports

  • Industry reports vary by industry focus

IT Services

  • Software Development
  • Databases
  • Current System Evaluation
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