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Founded in 1993 by Satish Jindel, SJ Consulting Group, Inc. focuses on providing strategy, marketing, pricing, merger and acquisition, and operational advice to businesses within the transportation and logistics industries. Our goal is to improve our client’s market share and profit margin through proven business strategies, efficient operating methods, and benchmarking against industry best practices. For over 25 years, our professionals have helped clients overcome obstacles and achieve real, sustained growth.
As the premier source for strategic solutions in the transportation and logistics industries, SJ Consulting constantly invests in staff, technology, market intelligence gathering, and new service offerings, such as our Industry Reports. These investments drive value creation for our clients by empowering them with the tools and knowledge necessary to compete in an evolving marketplace.
Knowledge is the cornerstone of our approach to solving complex problems.
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At the heart of SJ Consulting are committed people with decades of industry experience. Their diverse skill set ensures the proper blending of industry experience with a unique perspective of the issues impacting the marketplace. The ability to convert industry experience and insight into innovative business strategies enables our analysts to add significant value for clients.
It starts with an understanding of the client’s strengths and weaknesses, immediately and long-term. Thereafter, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the client’s marketplace, from demand characteristics and competitive landscape to socio-economic conditions and government regulations. This approach ensures that our clients receive practical solutions that create a positive impact.

Senior Professionals

Satish Jindel
Satish has 30+ years of experience in the transportation/logistics industry that includes a major role (reporting to the President) in the start-up and expansion of RPS (now FedEx Ground). Then, Satish advised FedEx on its acquisition of RPS, UPS on its relationship with USPS, DHL on its domestic U.S. service, and has directed assignments on corporate turnaround, benchmarking new products, and valuation of M&A deals for strategic and private equity investors. Satish has personal contacts with CEOs of practically all parcel carriers and LTL carriers and many other transportation companies. He has correctly forecast many industry and company trends. Satish is frequently quoted and published in national publications and trade journals and is a regular guest speaker at conferences. Satish has three masters’ degrees from The University of Pennsylvania including an MBA from the Wharton School.
Rob Persuit, Senior Consultant
Robert Persuit
Robert has 22+ years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry. Since joining SJC in 2000, he has handled numerous assignments on strategy, pricing, operations productivity, industrial engineering, and customer-facing technology. His hands-on industry experience includes management positions with Emery Worldwide/Menlo Logistics and RPS. Robert is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.
Mark D'Amico, Senior Analyst
Mark D’Amico
Mark joined SJC in 2013 and has handled projects for carriers focusing on due diligence, cost analysis, and operational analysis, and has assisted shippers with parcel shipping optimization and cost reduction. Mark has a B.S. in Economics from Saint Vincent College and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh and is currently an adjunct professor of Statistics at Saint Vincent College.
John Reitter, IT Consultant
John Reitter
John Reitter has 25 years of managerial and hands-on experience creating and implementing innovative technology solutions with expertise in database design and administration, IT infrastructure, software performance assessments, EDI, and Quality Assurance. John manages large relational databases and complex queries and has established system-to-system interfaces with numerous transportation carriers.
Deepthi Kottari
Deepthi has 9 years of experience in the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics fields. She works closely with the customers with a solution-oriented approach in their On-boarding, Designing, and the Development of the Custom Processes, Financial Analytical Reports, and Rate Contract Audits. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics.
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson, new to the SJC family as of summer of 2022, has 5 years of experience in the Truckload Industry as a Third-Party Logistics broker, working directly with shippers, carriers, and customers. Brian brings tremendous hands-on understanding of operational aspects of the transportation industry. He is also analytically skilled in Excel and SQL and thereby he is already adding value to various customer projects for SJC.
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