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The staff at SJ Consulting prides itself on seeing the road that lies beyond the curve in the transportation and logistics industry. Through our articles and other pro-bono media appearances, we seek to improve the industry through transmitting our unique combination of knowledge and insight to industry players.

Founder Satish Jindel has appeared on Bloomberg as well as network television to discuss the changing landscape in various transportation sectors. He is also a featured speaker at industry conferences.

What our clients, readers, and attendees are saying:

"Nice recap (Trucking's Uphill Climb) in the recent (January 3, 2011) JOC issue - you hit on a number of excellent points!"
-President, Supply Chain Solutions Company January, 2011

"Nice research and full page commentary in the JOC! I really like the way you laid out the forces affecting the TL, LTL and parcel segments, and, in your typical candid way, told the story for the readers."
-Managing Director, Private Equity - April 2010

"I wanted to commend you on the very thoughtful and thought provoking piece (Clarifying Labor: RLA should be TLA). It provided a brilliant perspective on the need to reform labor laws in order to catch up to the current day networks that facilitate the movement of commerce in the US."
-EVP, Global Carrier - July 2009

"In all candor, it remains my favorite, most informative presentation, because of its scope and the way in which you confidently presented its structure."
Presentation prepared for CONECT Conference - March 2009

"Extremely well done and perfect for the audience"
Presentation at a Diversified Logistics Company's National Meeting - January 2008

"Thank you again for a terrific presentation -- it was a session highlight."
Presentation at CarrierLogistics Annual Transportation Forum - October 2007

"You guys showed some serious insight to the labor situation.
Satish Jindel is right on the mark."
-Global Parcel Carrier - November 2006

" Your style, command of the facts, and use of analogies was extremely well received. I would like you to speak next year.
Thanks again for making a major impact on our audience!"
Presentation at NTLA Annual Conference - October 2006

Very well done and from a different perspective than I expected.
(FedEx's Great Timing on Watkins Deal)
-CEO of a public transportation company, June 2006

I read your recent article in Transport Topics and I could not agree more with your findings.
June 2006

Another homerun! The audience enjoyed the brief recap and examination of
your 2002 predictions followed by the 2003 forecast."
Presentation at SMC3 Annual Conference - January 2003

After reading your most recent column in American Shipper, I have to say
thank you for contributing ... over the past few weeks. Your
columns are the only thing holding up the air part of the magazine.
May 2001


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