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The true test of a consulting firm's knowledge of the market lies in its ability to successfully predict future trends.  SJ Consulting has a documented history of identifying industry trends and developments months and sometimes years in advance. This capability creates a competitive advantage for our clients by allowing them to strategically position themselves for future opportunities and threats in the marketplace.

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Industry Trends and Significant Developments

Published Source and Date

Date of Industry Introduction

68 Parcel carriers should implement peak surcharges to support the network expansion required to handle the increase in volume during the holiday season Journal of Commerce, Dec 31, 2013 UPS announces peak surcharges for all customers (June 19, 2017) after announcing its plans to do so in February 2015
67 Baggage fees by airlines will generate revenues to support investments for better baggage services. White Paper and visit with members of U.S. Congress, October 2003 Baggage fees have funded investment in technology and baggage-handling equipment, WSJ 3/29/2017
66 Free shipping is a new norm for e-retail Amazon White Paper released by SJC,
March 2016
“In today’s world of e-commerce, two-day free shipping is table stakes,” said Marc Lore, Wal-Mart’s e-commerce head. “It no longer makes sense to charge for it.” on 2/2/17
65 “Job Search Engine” commentary by Satish Jindel that the new tech boom does not create jobs comparable to the amount of invested capital Journal of Commerce, Sep 19, 2011 “Tech Boom Creates Too Few Jobs” page 1 article in The Wall Street Journal on 10/13/16
64 Parcel carriers should offer zone one pricing to capture store to door deliveries required by brick and mortar retailers to compete with Amazon Journal of Commerce, May 4, 2015 UPS announced it offered zone 1 pricing to select shippers during peak 2015 season (BB&T Conference on 2/11/16)
63 Internet will enable consumers to purchase products directly from  manufacturers across borders at much lower cost Air Cargo World
March 1999
"Borders matter less and less in E-Commerce: a consumer in Chicago bought a necklace from China at 1/3 total cost compared to local store"
WSJ 6/24/2015
62 Google may try to extend its reach into retail by offering same-day or next-day distribution services to online retailers to compete with Amazon

Journal of Commerce,
January 23, 2012

Google testing same-day delivery service (LA Times, 3/28/13)
61 Velocity Express venture into regional parcel business is a risky strategy with negative implications NTLA Conference Presentation, October 2007 Velocity is sold to Transforce/Dynamex after incurring huge losses, February 2013
60 Brick and Mortar retailers can offer same/next day delivery for online orders if fulfilled from local stores ShipEgis Prospectus, March 2000  Macy's, ToysRus, Walmart testing this concept in select markets, 2012
59 USPS should stop mail delivery on Saturdays to reduce cost without Congressional approval Journal of Commerce, June 6, 2011 USPS anounces no mail delivery on Saturdays, Feb 6, 2013

James Welch is the most suitable candidate to replace retiring YRCW CEO, Bill Zollars

Journal of Commerce, July 4, 2011 James Welch Named CEO of YRC Worldwide, July 22, 2011
57 There are too many airlines - mergers are needed CNBC TV, January 2007 Delta/Northwest merge in 2009, United/Continental in 2010, Southwest/Airtran in 2011
56 Separating charges for check-in & carry-on bags from passengers fare will result in lower passenger fares
White Paper for US Congress
October 2003
Spirit Airlines passengers fares are lower than other airlines & even total fares with baggage fees included are lower.
October 2010
55 Airlines fees for carry-on bags should be higher than for check-in bags
White Paper for US Congress
October 2003
Spirit Airlines charges $5 more for carry-on bag than check-in bags
August 2010

FedEx will combine Freight and National LTL into one network to handle regional and long haul service and announce by Dec 2010.

Client Presentations April 2009

FDX announced merger of FedEx Freight and National LTL effective January 2011
September 2010

53 A per bag fee applied to all bags could help limit carry-on items
White Paper for US Congress
October 2003
Spirit Airlines announced plans to charge for carry-on bags that do not fit under the seat
April 2010
52 Consumer loyalty will shift from the maufacturer of the product to the provider/ enabler (Amazon) Air Cargo World
March 2000
"Amazon may be benefiting more than other e-commerce sites, as consumer habits shift towards spending more time at a smaller set of websites"
WSJ 10/23/09
51 YRC can enhance regional carriers' identity via re-branding as YRC Holland, Reddaway, and New Penn. Traffic World
May 2008
YRC Launches yrcregional.com for three regional affiliates drops USF name
September 2009
50 As airlines generate separate baggage fees, fliers will benefit from improved baggage service. White Paper for US Congress, October 2003
Mishandled baggage complaints drop by 21% in July 2009 v. July 2008 (WSJ 9/30/09)
Need for industry to have one voice to protect interest with lawmakers&customers
Industry Presentation
October 17, 2007
MCAA and NTLA unify under MCAA & announce joint fall meeting
July 24, 2009
Change from "Courier" to "Same-Day" to better portray industry's service and value

Industry Presentation
October 20, 2006

Dynamex presentation BB&T Conference,
February 2009

YRC may integrate Yellow & Roadway under YRC Nat'l
Transport Topics June 5, 2006
YRC brand name introduced for integrated Yellow/Roadway network, January 2009
Airlines should provide the option to ship bags via parcel carriers to by-pass airport security and enhance airline profitabililty
White Paper and visit with members of U.S. Congress, October 2003
United Airlines has partnered with FedEx to offer baggage service for a fee,
October 2008
As passengers gain financially by leaving unnecessary items at home, check-in/security lines will move faster.
White Paper and visit with members of U.S. Congress, October 2003

Complaints to TSA about problems at screening checkpoints or baggage damage declined 7% in June/July, vs. 2007
(WSJ 9/9/08)

Charge for bags will encourage passengers to be more judicious with items carried and thus fewer bags.
White Paper and visit with members of U.S. Congress, October 2003 American Airlines reports customers checked 1M fewer bags than in July last year
September 2008
UPS will cooperate with Teamsters on unionization of its LTL workers to reach an early and favorable contract for its parcel operation
Traffic World, December 11, 2006 Teamsters has signed up 11,100 of 15,000 UPS Freight workers to join the union
May 2008

DHL should outsource last mile delivery to low density remote zip codes to USPS

Client Report, 2005

DHL announces partnership with USPS for last mile delivery as part of its restructuring plan May, 2008

Airlines should un-bundle airfare with a charge for bags transported
ABC TV and members of U.S. Congress, October 2003

American Airlines introduces $15 fee for first checked bag May, 2008

YRC will control the direction of the NMFA as if it was a YRC Freight Agreement
Traffic World, December 11, 2006 YRC agreement with Teamsters in Dec 2007 and ABF acceptance of it in Jan 2008

Industry Trends and Significant Developments

Published Source and Date

Date of Industry Introduction

UPS to announce a new CEO shortly after turning 100
Traffic World December, 11 2006 UPS Press Release, October 15, 2007
Teamsters and UPS could agree on a new 5 year contract by August 28, 2007
Agreement reached September 30, 2007
YRCW should combine Yellow & Roadway linehaul/terminals for operational cost savings
Client Presentation, May 2005
YRC CEO comments at BB&T Conference, Miami, FL, February 15, 2007
UPS should be collaborative not combative with USPS
Client Presentation, May 2003
UPS gets $100 million a year contract to fly USPS mail, June 2006
FedEx will expand its transportation services
Industry Presentation, May 2003
FedEx expands its LTL operation with Watkins acquisition, June 2006
Battle for retail customers will heat up
Industry Presentation, May 2003
FedEx acquires Kinko's for $2.4 billion, Dec. 2003; DHL launches a Preferred Program with 1,100 AMPC stores, Nov. 2004
UPS parcel rates will increase by larger amounts to offset higher labor costs of 2002 Teamster contract

The Wall Street Journal,
July 17, 2002

2003-2006 rates +4.7% vs. 4.1% per yr for 1999-2002. while Domestic Av. Rev/ Pkg. +3.8% vs. 2.5% per yr
Proactive notification on service failure in the parcel industry
ShipMatrix Alert,
UPS 2004

Industry Trends and Significant Developments

Published Source and Date

Date of Industry Introduction


Changes in FedEx/Kinko's relationship for retail market penetration

Client Document
June 2002

December 2003


Surcharge for commercial ground services to rural zips

Traffic World
January 1997

November 2003


Yellow will take the #3 spot on the Big 3 Transportation List behind UPS and FedEx

Client Presentation, April 29, 1997

July 8, 2003


DHL will acquire Airborne for stronger presence in US domestic parcel market

Client Report, February 1999

DHL Express


DHL will offer one-stop shopping for comprehensive global logistics services

Client Report, February 1999

March 2003

Recognizing the importance of shipment visibility in the parcel industry

Visibility Tools,

Quantum View and Insight


Amazon opportunity lies in becoming the "Wal-Mart" of cyberspace

Air Cargo World Article, March 2000

WSJ article
November 2002


UPS will unveil its retail strategy involving Mail Boxes, Etc. after Teamsters contract is approved

Client Report, January 2002

August 2002


UPS/Teamsters will reach agreement by mid-July

Client & media communication
January 2002

July 15, 2002


UPS should guarantee residential ground deliveries

Traffic World,
January 2000

August 2002


Benefits of co-locating home delivery centers with B2B service facility

Traffic World,
February 1999

September 2001


More LTL shipments will shift to parcel carriers

Transport Topics,
July 1996

Morgan Stanley Survey
May 2001


Kozmo.com - business model will not survive

E-Biz Conference
March 2000

Biz Closed
April 2001


Surcharge for commercial express services to rural zips

Traffic World
January 1997

February 2001


Industry Trends and Significant Developments

Published Source and Date

Date of Industry Introduction


Deutsche Post will buy controlling interest in DHL International Ltd.

Client report
February 1999

September 2000


Guaranteed on-time arrival for passenger airline service

Patent application
November 1998

May 2000


Need to guarantee Ground residential parcel service

Traffic World
February 1999

March 2000


Weekend service for residential deliveries by private parcel carriers

Traffic World
February 1999

March 2000


Evening delivery times for residential customers

Traffic World
February 1999

March 2000


Need to integrate marketing/ technology of FedEx/RPS

KDKA-TV interview
October 1997

January 2000


Importance of logistics/ fulfillment to e-tailing

Air Cargo World
March 1999

January 2000


UPS will become a publicly traded company prior to December 1999

Client report
August 1998

July 1999


Surcharge for residential addresses to rural zip codes

Traffic World
January 1997

February 1999


Automatic refund for guaranteed LTL service failure

Client report
March 1998

February 1999


Need for DSCF/DDU rates for Parcel Post by USPS

RPS memo

January 1999


Need to guarantee ground parcel service

1988 RPS memo
Traffic World - Jan 1997

May 1998


Need for LTL carriers to offer guarantee on std services

Analysts Conference Calls



Push towards greater increases in accessorial charges by parcel carriers

Traffic World
July 1996



Extended transit time for delivery of ground parcels to rural zip codes

Traffic World
January 1997



Viking Freight - Virtual Region strategy shortcomings

Traffic World
July 1996

April 1997


FedEx is likey to experience more intense competition through bundling of services

Letter to Client June 19, 1993

UPS express and ground parcel bundling

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